Voith will be present at InnoTrans 2016 under the motto of “Connecting Forces – Driving Innovation”.


Service Competence Center with New Service Range

The Voith Service Competence Center will present its new range of services at InnoTrans. Apart from maintenance, overhauls and repairs for locomotives and railcars, Voith also offers complete repainting services for vehicle fleets in its paint shop. The bogie workshop ensures the fast removal, overhaul and installation of bogies of all vehicle types. In addition, Voith is also performing an increasing amount of engineering services for its customers in its Service Competence Center – the most recent being the development of specific bodies for track building vehicles. The integrated life-cycle management system OPRA from Voith represents the pinnacle of advanced rail services, offering the opportunity to perform predictive maintenance tasks on rail vehicles which improve the availability, reliability and safety of the systems.


Advantages of Hydrodynamics

For its new S111 turbo gear unit, Voith is counting on the advantages of hydrodynamics. It excels in particular with its stability, robustness, long service life and easy maintenance. The gear unit is designed for engine outputs of up to 280 kW and 1800 Nm. These also apply to the new gear unit developed for applications such as special rail vehicles, which has already been installed in a two-axle tender vehicle in China. Besides the S111, Voith will be presenting the SE 369 gear box for high-speed trains. This component uses an aluminum construction that can save a tremendous amount of weight.


RailPacks – Diesel-Driven or Hybrid

The most recent version of the RailPack is operating in a MU in China. An original-sized 400 DE RailPack, which can be driven by electric engines as well as a diesel engine, will be on view in Berlin as the representative of an entire Voith product family. The drive systems are distinguished by their robust technology and minimum maintenance expenditures. Long oil-change intervals guarantee consistently low operating costs for the operators.


System Competence in Front Noses

Voith proves its system competence with the front nose of the Stadler EC 250 high-speed train. It unifies the nose flaps into an intelligent coupling system with the use of operating gear. One of these front noses will be exhibited in Berlin.


Modernized SA3 Coupler Meets New Crash Standard

Voith will also be showing InnoTrans visitors their modernized SA3 coupler that meets the new DIN E 15227 crash standard. For locomotive operators, the further developed Voith SA3 coupler offers considerably more convenience. The new SA3 coupler accommodates pneumatic coupler, electric coupler as well as electro-pneumatic braking. An additional pneumatic system also makes automatic decoupling possible. The coupler has become the standard in Eastern Europe and thus simplifies cross-border freight traffic.


Intelligent Energy Transformation

Traction inverters efficiently transform the supplied electrical energy so that it is provided to the drive motors in a suitable manner. The integrated drive control system offers excellent control and optimum matching of the drive system components to one another, thereby positively impacting on safety, energy efficiency and lifetime. The significance of these electrical components will also be reflected at the InnoTrans, where Voith will be dedicating a separate area of its stand entirely to the topic of electrical propulsion.